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Liberty Tool offers comprehensive Inventory Management solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our knowledgeable professionals understand not only tools and supplies, but the challenges faced by production, maintenance and tooling departments in today’s business climate.

We provide VMI programs utilizing computerized inventory management programs as well as traditional Kanban systems. Liberty Tool can offer a system tailored to meet your needs!

We have partnered with WinWare Corporation and have been designated as a Certified Cribmaster Distributor. The CribMaster program is the industry leading crib management software which we can set-up to run Tool Cribs, Point-Of-Use vending machines and RFID systems. It is a comprehensive inventory management system that enables you to record tooling usage as it occurs. Based on established Min/Max bin quantities automatic order requirements are generated and purchase orders can be sent directly from the system. The CribMaster program offers a complete planning, inventory control, purchasing and usage management system that can be used to help control costs.

Items that can be managed include, but are not limited to; perishable tools, capital tools, gages, fixtures, dies, punches, MRO items and other accessories.

Our traditional KANBAN systems can be setup to run in conjunction with CribMaster or to be managed as a standalone system. This system allows for the storage of tooling within or close to the work area and minimizes down time due to tooling availability.

Please call to find out how these powerful solutions can be of value to you. (800)-448-7479

CribMaster ToolCube CribMaster ModuLock CribMaster CabLock CribMaster Multi-Store
CribMaster ToolCube
CribMaster ModuLock
CribMaster CabLock
CribMaster Multi-Store


CribMaster CabLock CribMaster Accu-Drawer SD  CribMaster Toolbox
CribMaster CabLock
CribMaster Accu-Drawer SD
CribMaster Toolbox


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